Purchase Arro Advertising Tokens

Purchase Details:

Due to the high prices of fees (ETH Minor Fees), Arro Social will send the ARRO tokens through the XPass cards which are used with the Xwallet by PundiX.  This will require you to register an Xwallet, but it will save you on fees in the future and allow to purchase products you love for minimal fees.  XPass will be issued to values purchased from $100 to $500.  For purchases of $501 or more, please contact support@arro.io to make other arrangements 


The purchase of Arro Tokens represents the purchase of advertising on the Arro Social Media App to be viewed by the users on the network. The purchase of the Arro Tokens does not constitute an investment and any representations made regarding the future potential value of the Arro Tokens should be disregarded. The Arro Token value could be higher or lower than the initial purchase value. No refunds are available through Arro. Unused tokens can be internationally exchanged on hotbit.io