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I hope all is well and trust me when I say "Loyalty" is everything defined within my blood. So this is my extra effort from an e-mail I sent out to Seth, Cam, Josh, and Abbie on November 14th. 

Good Morning-  Seth, Cam, Josh, and Abbie;


This email is with all good intent. I really just want to open a channel of communication and lead all of us to the same page. So when I say "I fucked up", I am referring to the subject title of this email and how overdue this message is. When it comes to "Integrity first, Service before Self, and Excellence in all I do", trust me I exemplify and have honored that code my whole life. I am not sure what is really going on between the Masters competition and data analytics of scoring, (active employees versus point system) but my concern is that my logins and ability to perform have been disabled. I get it, but we need to fix this. 


I bleed LGCY and more importantly NTRS, Josh can attest to the unique person I am. I was interviewed about 14 months ago with the awareness that I am a serial entrepreneur. More importantly, I am a single father (extended custody, 14+ days a month) since she was 18 months old and now she is 11. It is not an excuse for me ghosting and not being active within the platforms..... but it is my "why". I have always been in touch with Josh and Abbie on a weekly basis. 


Attached are a few decorated articles from my past. I am a Co-founder of Arro Social a social network and cryptocurrency built as an advertising utility token. I'm the master distributor of  Pundi X for the USA , the only (Crypto Point of Sales) machine that is recognized for the proper IRS and SEC business KYC practices. I bring these up because I want to share my talent and resources with y'all. 


Seth, remember that iPhone-looking box and machine on the table? Well, there is an opportunity that exists and has been proven for crypto owners paying in full for solar. (Detail Solar). To better explain... just watch this private link .  Overall, I am very well connected with major musicians and Hollywood Entertainment. Just to name drop and even try to explain what I am talking about. Ever heard of Jerry Mcguire? 


Enough about me, my LGCY customers are lined up and I have a decent pipeline. I know there are different thoughts about what happened with Kenny White. Trust me, I have all the documentation needed to do what needs to be done per the repercussions. That defeated me, and to be honest, I am scared shitless of what I would if I ever saw him. Trust me when I say, I am here to solidify what I promised to Josh since day 1 and it is time to blitz. 


I will end with a thank you to the NTRS family, even fucking Tylor. What our team has going on, is notorious. So let's settle all the BS and open a channel of clear communication so that we can get on the same page and I can show you the talent that has been rekindled. On that note, the sales beast has been awakened and I need to take care of my pipeline in order to provide the fanatical service LGCY and the SA town team provides. 


Some very important accounts include: 

Nicolas "Nico" Garza - 2 installed family accounts- but there have been beyond usual "isolated install incidents" that have occurred- currently, his parent's house just had an installation- There are two drill holes going through the bathroom...... I was present during this installation..... the house is only 6 months old. New build...... Nico and I have over 5 family members ready. 

Nico and I have built (plus many other domains) and are ready to launch- I'm a website/mobile/software/integration/ engineer based out of Geekdom - So it took Nico and I this past year designing and "whiteboarding" with Josh, to configure a true UI/UX salesforce platform. I specialize in SEO and have this masterpiece ready to launch. Nico and I are just finishing some organizational Google spreadsheet layouts for the 10,000+ leads we have and I'm waiting on some graphic designs.... but really need LGCY's approval and our collaboration on " how we want to proceed and deliver as a message" compared to what LGCY will allow us to post. 


BTW, thank you for the lake sabbatical, would love Tony Russo and Lee Barber to be involved in this. I am focused on the Texas geographic location to start. We can blitz and use technology and existing networks to implement our social outreach and launch with a sense of urgency. Hope to hear from y'all soon. 





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