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Read below to find out why today is so important


Nicolas "Nico" Garza

Chief Relations Officer (CRO) and Senior Sales Director 

Arro Social, Arro Social Crypto Token, Pundi X Crypto Currency Point of Sales Machines, Arro TV on Roku (soon Apple) TV, and much  more.... go ahead and Google them!


Address: 110 E Houston St, 7th Floor,

Suite 126, San Antonio, TX 78205

A bit about my last 12 months and
why today is so important.

We  at Arro Social have created the perfect. "Advertising Utility Crypto Token"

Imagine if Bitcoin, Ethereum, plus Facebook did things right from the very beginning  of development on all ends of software and financial technology. We created a new social media platform that provides a fairer opportunity to benefit everyone.


Arro Social, Crypto and Social done right!

Approved on the Apple App Store and live on Coinbase, Yahoo Finance, and traded on three live cryptocurrency markets (currently under review by the SEC for the Arro Social Token to be a commodity, 401Ks and IRAs will be able to purchase). We are ready to share with our family and friends the opportunity of a lifetime, before we go public and start marketing and advertising for the first time ever!  


Look below at our moving averages and support lines for why today is paramount! Contact me for more details on how this advertising token acts as a regular stock, True (Data, revenue, clicks allowed per token)


So contact me and find out more details. There are many ways to purchase and become part of the future. My goal and our plans are for the Arro Social Token to go from .000269 to .01 by end of year 2023. Projecting over a 3000% gain.

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