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Star Cluster

The fairest social network. Use social and earn crypto. Own your content and data.

       Our Story

Arro Social’s mission: Creating opportunities to redirect social wealth. We are a social network dedicated to giving back your fair share; 

like Robin Hood did for his community when he took from the greedy to share with the needy.


We are the first truly fair social user app that gives everyone the same ability to own and earn the value that you deserve.  We define "fair" as the same opportunities available to everyone with no manipulation or constraints, forever.  


The app tracks your tokens and you can request any amount at any time.  FYI there are some minimal fees that apply, but we have done everything we can to reduce the cost on your end


Each time you click, write, or watch something on social media you generate content. Your content is then sold and you don’t see a penny!  Facebook makes $650 on every user per year, why don't the people generating all this revenue get anything back from it? 

Share with Friends

You have direct access. 


You can connect with your favorite products and friends.


We allow a direct connection, but we know that some of you like your privacy too.

  Arro's Mission

Creating endless opportunities to redirect social wealth.


We are a social network creating opportunities for you to make money, almost like paying your fare for a bus.


Paying #YourFairShare.


We share up to 80% of our revenue generated from advertisements in order to ensure that you

  get #YourFairShare


Arro focuses on fair distribution of content revenue. Arro pays users when they watch advertisements; when a user clicks or writes something, the user owns it. Not us, not some hidden middle man- just you and you only. 

© 2021 by Arro Social

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