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Congratulations on your new Pundi X 

XPOS purchasers are required to be business owners and activate their merchant accounts with KYC (Know your Customer) verificartion. The portal below will redirect you to a secure form portal

Please do not turn on your xPoS Machine until KYC and training is complete 

We would like to complete these steps to ensure a seamless xPoS activation for use. 

Step 1

Upon purchasing your Pundi X xPoS machine you should have received an email with your login and password for the Arro Social portal. 

Step 2

The 5 pieces of information will establish your identity for access to the Pundi X merchant portal.

Step 3

To activate your XPoS and to put crypto currency into your account. Both the KYC and merchant portal are approved on our end. We will notify you, when these steps are complete to start the xPoS process for usage. 

Step 4

You will receive a booking email to Zoom/Video call for assistance in operating your new xPoS machine.

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