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Christopher Miller

Crypto FinTech Sales  and  Marketing Manager

Arro Tv Production Manager/Operational Project Manager

Arro Social developed the first true "Crypto" that integrates our advertising utility token "Arro Social" into our social media app (Apple Approved) and Tv Station.  A True Product!

By SEC rules crypto is a commodity in Texas. 


We at Arro Social have created only 50 ($100) packages for our friends and family, with a max purchase of ($300) USD worth allowed per person.
Tokens can be used for Advertising or Exchanged/Traded for USDT Cash. Tokens are deposited via Coinbase at a stable .0002 value. ($100 = 500,000 Arro Tokens)

Arro infographic-3.jpg

We at Arro Social have created only Fifty ($100) packages for our friends and family, this is a first come, first serve opportunity.

Imagine if Bitcoin, Ethereum, plus Facebook did things right from the very beginning  of development on all ends of software and financial technology. We created a new social media platform that provides a fairer opportunity to benefit everyone.  In order to advertise on any of our platforms, businesses must buy the Arro Social Token. We as a company only operate on 30%, sharing the rest with our users.


Arro Social, Crypto and Social done right!

Approved on the Apple App Store and live on Coinbase, Yahoo Finance, and traded on two live cryptocurrency markets (currently under review for the Arro Social Token to be a commodity, 401Ks and IRAs will be able to purchase). We are ready to share with our family and friends the opportunity of a lifetime, before we go public and start marketing and advertising nationally for the first time ever!  


Look below at our moving averages and support lines for why today is paramount! Contact me for more details on how this advertising token acts as a regular commodity would, True (Data, revenue, clicks allowed per token) tradable but also usable to buy goods and services. 


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