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Dear Arronauts,


thank you for your hard work and dedication. As we all know Arro Social is continuing to move forward at a rapid rate. We are vigorously networking and making solid high profile relationships. 

The Arro App: Out of Site, NOT Out of Mind


The Arro Social App is evolving but unfortunately all of the app changes are on the back end and are not visible to the user.  The developers have been dedicating their time to security and database upgrades as well as crypto tracking within the app.  This is actually what will set ARRO apart. 


PundiX , the Arro Token, and Crazy Fees.


PundiX does not reflect the current values of ARRO in the XWallet.  We are trying to remedy this but most of this is not in our immediate control.  The ridiculous fees are the result of PundiX trying to cover exorbitant Ether fees with ARRO that they are valuing way under market.  Again we're working on it.  Best thing to do if you want to keep an accurate value on your holdings or more flexibility in the movement from account to account is to do new transactions through Coinbase Wallet with the understanding that you need to send and receive when the fees are lowest.  2am-3am seems to be the best time. Especially Saturday and Sunday.  


Otherwise it is advisable that you hold if your using XWallet until these things can be worked out.


Meanwhile the value can be checked in real time on Coinbase by going to prices and searching for ARRO.  Coinbase does not support ARRO but that is not up to us, they choose the coins they support.  Definitely a goal for ARRO.  Same goes for Binance.



Arro XPOS Merchant Network is Growing 


XPOS sales are off the chain with as many as 150-200 new ARRO accepting XPOS merchants from Hawaii to Miami projected being added by the end of June.


Singapore Government Declares ARRO a Legitimate Payment Token


The government of Singapore has declared ARRO as one of only 10 Crypto Coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT as legitimate payment tokens through an official court ruling last week.


Actively recruiting Interns!

We are currently seeking for an array of interns who would like to join the Arro Social team! If you have any interest, or would like to help get involved with your fellow community please send us a resume at!

Arro Social Events

Media Day 4/16-18th

App Day 5/30/21

G9 Crypto Summit 6/9-13th

Media Day – Arro will be hosting a media day to get content and visuals for Arro Social and all other affiliates.

App Day – Beta version should be completed with updates, security issues resolved and ready to move forward with opening up and bringing on users.

G9 Summit in Vegas – We have been invited as speakers at the global G9 cryptocurrency conference in Las Vegas Nevada. We will also be selling 200 XPOS units during this event.

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