The future of your social media app protecting your privacy and rewarding  you with ARRO Crypto Tokens to use on goods and services. You can have it too!

"It's like if Facebook paid you and didn't monitor your every move and sell your data"
- Current Beta Tester
* bonus allocated to the first  5 million USD sold or target date of 11-01-2020; whichever comes first. 

Each time you click, write, or watch something on social media you generate content. Your content is then sold and you don’t see a penny!  Facebook makes $650 on every user per year.


Arro focuses on fair distribution of content revenue. Arro pays users when they watch advertisements and when the user clicks or writes something, the user owns it.

Arro’s mission

Create opportunities to redirect social wealth. We are a social network creating opportunities for you to make money. Like paying your fare for a bus. Paying #yourFareShare. Kind of like what Robin Hood did in his community, when he took from the greedy to share with the needy.Make sure you get #yourFairShare

Our Story

Arro Social’s mission: Create opportunities to redirect social wealth. We are a social network creating your fare share. Kind of like what Robin Hood did in his community, when he took from the greedy to share with the needy.

Share with Friends

You have direct access. 


You can connect with your favorite products and friends.


We allow a direct connection, but we know that some of you like your privacy too.


We are the first truly fair social user app that gives everyone the same opportunities which ties in your ability to earn value that you deserve and own.  We define "fair" as the same opportunity is available to everyone with no manipulative constraint: forever.  The App tracks your tokens and you can request any amount at any time.  FYI, There are some fees that apply, but we have done everything we can to reduce them.

How Social Media should have been built.

It’s like Facebook that pays you and we don’t monitor your every move. You choose what you see, not an algorithm You own your content Viewers pay you if they view. The crypto flips the bill There are other social networks that pay you, but Arro Social is the first network that pays you for watching advertisements.


Total Arro Tokens purchased for personal use and future company advertising on the Arro Social App

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Sales updated

Oct 1st, 2020


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